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Jonathan Fogler

I learned about hard work at the age of 13, working summers on my Uncles Dairy Farm. With the extra help on hand (my siblings and a few other cousins), they would often save their new barn building projects for the summer. There was nothing quite like working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and all the while enjoying it just for the love of building something, and spending time with my cousins. By 16, I was mostly

done with my required high school courses, and so from the age of 16 to 27, I worked almost full time in construction, learning from the best Journeyman, and Trades people I could find. From plastering and painting, to framing, drywall, and rough carpentry, to finish carpentry and cabinet making. I bought every tool and book I could find, wanting and needing to know every skill and every trick of the trade I could learn.


In 1987 my oldest friend asked if I would join him and start our own construction company, as he and his college business partner had a bunch of work lined up and he needed a strong skilled partner to run production, and get these jobs built.


Now, after 30 years and $250 million worth of work successfully built, it’s time to move to the next phase of my life in construction. I want to take all that I have learned and focus it on helping Owners, Architects and Builders, thru their construction projects, guiding each to a successful and satisfying completion.  


During my 40 years of working as I builder, I developed skills and knowledge in a wide range of construction disciplines. I want to put these to good use in achieving my new goal of consulting for and helping others to successfully complete their building and development projects.

Areas of Skill

Among other things, this great breath of skill and knowledge gives me the rare ability to meet with a room full of specialty Trades, who are discussing and negotiating the coordination and sequencing of a project, (when in reality most are vying for the best time and opportunity to perform their particular tasks). Using my knowledge and experience I can often cut thru the bull and get the trades in line to do what’s best for the project, while not causing them undue hardship in the performance of their particular aspect of the project.

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