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Layout, Framing, Drywall and Rough Carpentry



• 3-dimensional layout of new designs.


• Structural and non-structural timber framing of walls, floors, ceilings and roofs.


• Load bearing masonry walls, and party walls, with timber & joist beam pockets for floor/roof framing.


• Structural and non-structural light steel framing of walls, floors, ceilings and roofs.


• Drywall install, with a full complement of metal and plastic detail beading.


• Subfloor systems with sleepers & non-combustible fill, or floating subfloor systems on iso mat.


• A wide variety and flush access doors and custom access doors and panels as necessary.


• Complex drywall shapes and forms framed, sheathed, and beaded to create flawless forms using

  imperfect materials and systems.