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As a Partner in a Construction Management firm since 1994, I personally managed and built more than 300 successful construction projects. I managed and provided oversite to thousands of Job Supervisors, Subcontractor Supervisors and Foreman, all in an effort to get projects built on time and on budget. I mitigated and found “work arounds” for tens of thousands of problems and obstacles, minimizing or negating their impact on the overall Project schedule and budget. I met with Owner’s, Architects, Engineers, Designers, and Consultants weekly or as necessary, to solve problems, coordinate activities, facilitate changes, negotiate disputes, integrate new project requirements, and discuss goals and issues as required, to keep projects on track. Below is a partial list showing the overall range and depth of these projects:


• Dozens of Manhattan “Brownstone” Townhouses (including an 11,000 sq ft firehouse turned private residence), gut renovated, often with a new rear façade, underpinned cellar foundation party walls, and excavated, built out, and below grade space, with a new back yard above. These buildings are frequently Landmark structures that require Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC), design approval and final sign off when complete. Neighbor relations are often an additional challenge to a successful project as modification and repairs to party walls, and parapets, as well as back yard fences and other co-owned or co-mingled elements need to be handled amicably to avoid adjacent property owner’s from seeking relief from the court system, or causing projects to suffer never ending inspections from the DOB, the Best Squad, the EPA, the ECB and the LPC just to name a few. These inspections can result in fines, stop work orders and job closures. Additionally there is always the daily issue of noise and dust mitigation. Street side façade and sidewalk renovations can also be a source of consternation by neighbors, as the erection of a Side Walk Bridge and netted pipe scaffolding (usually set in place for months at a time), raise concerns over home security, privacy, and the always present noise and dust problems. Being proactive, considerate, and communicative are some of the keys to managing these problems, along with over 3 decades of experience on how to keep projects on track.


• Over a dozen high end Penthouse renovations or additions, in Manhattan Condos and Co-Ops. These projects present a unique set of challenges such as removing and rebuilding the top floor or floors of a fully occupied building, all the while keeping the building weather tight, keeping all building mechanical systems on line, and frequently repairing and rebuilding century old landmark building bulkheads, parapets and cornices. These tasks are often made more difficult due to poor and inadequate access for loading building materials in, and carting refuse out.

• Hundreds of lofts and apartments thru out Manhattan.

• Dozens of Restaurants and Bars.

• Dozens of Retail and Flagship stores in Soho, Greenwich Village, and the Flatiron district.

• Dozens of unique Corporate Offices, Art Galleries, and work spaces for a wide variety of clients including Architects, Photographers, Time Out magazine, Doctors offices (with an operating room), Recording Studios, and high design custom build outs.

• Several ground up structures including a one of a kind private residence made from 15, 40 ft long, “High Cube” shipping containers.

• A few 30,000 to 40,000 sq ft buildings with multiple apartments, complete building wide systems and topped off with high end custom Penthouses. The penthouses alone are typically worth over $30,000,000.

Ninety nine percent of these projects were successfully completed with happy clients and satisfied Architects and Designers. The vast majority were brought to us because of our track record for successfully completing projects that were particularly difficult and challenging.

During this 20 plus year period of managing construction projects, I became fluent in Construction law and AIA Construction contracts and administrative forms. I am very knowledgeable in the disciplines of Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering, Restoration and Waterproofing, Acoustical Engineering and Soundproofing, Fireproofing and fire separation assemblies, Sheeting, Shoring, and SOE designs, as well as DMO designs.

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