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Overview of Basic Services Provided

FC&C provides "Owner's Representation" services for all phases of construction, from project inception through project completion and closeout. Services are focused on project planning, budget adherence, cost control, scheduling, identification and adherence to project time constraints, change order and claims mitigation while meeting the quality requirements of the contract documents. FC&C will only provide the specific services your project requires or that you desire. There is no “package” of services you must purchase to gain the full benefit of our assistance and expertise.


• Assist Owner in managing and coordination of Architect, Engineers and Consultants. Help define scope of services.

• Interface with local municipalities regarding planning and permits.

• Review "Constructability" of proposed design and advise if "Construction Phasing" can allow site work commencement.


Contract Document Phase Services

• Conduct Owner reviews of drawings and specifications.

• Ensure all plans and documents are submitted and approved by local Authorities as required to allow work to commence.

• Develop scheduling and contract administration clauses for inclusion into the contract documents.


Bidding Phase Services

• Pre-qualification of Contractors, Vendors, and Owner Trade-Contractors.

• Assist in selection of Contractors and Vendors for bidding.

• Review / prepare bid packages.

Review and confirm that RFPs include all project specific requirements IE: Insurance, Schedule, requests for unit costs, confirmation of special training or qualifications etc.

• Compare and analyze bids and proposals. Assist in Contractor selection and award.

• Review and advise on preparation of construction contracts, and verify proper retainage clauses are included.

• Assist in contract negotiations.

• Ensure all necessary approvals have been obtained, and all required notices have been submitted and received, allowing construction work to begin.



Project Management/Administration

• Assist and advise on which entities will be performing all special inspections, and contract with inspectors as required to ensure all required TRs are signed and submitted to the DOB.

• Conduct pre-construction conference.

• Review and advise on Contractor’s procurement schedule.

• Review and advise on Submitted Construction schedule by GC or CM.

• Review and advise on Submittal schedule with Architect, Engineers and Contractor.

• Review Contractor’s monthly schedule updates.

• Monitor construction progress and conduct progress meetings with Architect / Engineers and Contractors.

• Monitor timeliness (and appropriateness?) of Architect / Engineer responses to "Requests for Information" (RFIs).

• Review and approve Contractor’s and Vendor’s schedule of values on Applications for payment, and ensure categories and values are not “front loaded”, to protect Owner.

• In coordination with Architect, review and approve Contractor and Vendor Applications for payment.

• Administer project progress payments, and verify all requirements and waivers of lien are submitted before payments are dispersed.

• Track actual costs and anticipated costs, versus budgeted costs. Recommend cost reduction and control measures when necessary.

• Review project correspondence, change orders, claims and submittals. Make recommendations to Owner for resolution of claims and disputes.

• Coordinate and review Change Orders (both charges and credits) and evaluate cost and time impacts to the project.

• Develop and maintain a "Punch List" in conjunction with Architect / Engineer.


Project Close-Out

• Finalize the "As-Built" schedule.

• Monitor and administer "Project Close-Out Activities" including but not limited to the following:

     • Architect / Engineer’s issuance of certificates of substantial completion.

     • Contractor and Trades as-built drawings, and “for record” Shop Drawings.

     • Completion of punch list work scopes.

     • Start-up and commissioning of all systems and equipment.

     • Submittal of all operation and maintenance manuals, and all other required close out documentation.

     • Coordinate and schedule Owner occupancy.

     • Coordination of all Contractors and Sub Contractors final lien waivers, and submittal of all guarantees & warranties.

     • Review and advise on Contractor’s application for final payment.

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