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We can provide Owners and Architects with the comprehensive discovery necessary to get your project off on the right track by accurately showing and analyzing “existing conditions”. The correct info can help ensure contract documents include the proper work scope and help avoid incomplete or incorrect design documents, endless questions and bid Addendum, costly Change Orders and even more costly Project delays, just to name a few.



Survey services include but are not limited to the following:

Locate all walls, objects, and built in elements.

Locate all soffits and ceiling conditions in plan view.

Locate all doors and windows.

Set bench line and locate all window opening sills and lintels (as necessary).

Determine door opening elevations using Bench line.

Determine floor structure elevations using bench line.

Determine ceiling and soffit elevations.

Determine elevator saddles, fire stair saddles and landings, and any other existing elements to remain.

Determine elevations for all exposed MEP elements, equipment and devices.

Determine roof, and storm drain elevations.

Locate any and all elements necessary for a new design to take form.

Other services available upon request:


Probe holes and discovery, with protection, clean up, and patching as necessary.

Thermal imaging survey and report of building envelope and fenestration.

Inspect for leaks and drafts and other building envelope defects.

Testing for mold and lead paint.

Survey and test function of all MEP equipment and systems.

Survey/locate all access panels and determine access necessity and efficacy.

Survey and test function of all valves and MEP controls that are existing to remain.

Survey and test function of all existing doors and windows to remain including hardware.

Full Service Pre-Con Estimating, Planning, and Scheduling, including:

Comprehensive take offs and analysis for possible value engineering.

Review of bid docs and contract docs for possible Errors, Omissions, and Inconsistencies, as well as possible ambiguities.

Review and analysis of possible site access challenges, ie: potential problems with material and fixture deliveries.

Review Building Alteration Agreement and assess possible impact to Project requirements.

Review and explore potential conflicts with neighbors and owners within subject building, as well as adjacent properties. Potential conflicts include modification of party walls, modification and restoration of party wall parapets. Basement or Cellar underpinning, and backyard excavation, just to name a few of the dozens of possible issues that can arise in NYC renovations.

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