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"Over more than two decades, Mr. McNally has benefited from his association with highly skilled, ethical, and motivated construction experts from different levels of the industry, who have helped shape his unique combination of strengths.

In 1998 Chris was hired by Steven Lamazor, co-owner of Taocon, Inc. a construction management firm specializing in cutting edge houses, apartments, offices and retail stores. Taocon had been growing in leaps and bounds in the late 1990’s, and needed someone of McNally’s stability to maintain and elevate its standards. He signed on enthusiastically to Lamazor’s vision of “habitable art,” and went to work as Project Manager. At Taocon he encountered his second construction master, Jon Fogler, a senior partner. Fogler could distill enormously complicated architectural challenges into manageable tasks, durations, costs and sequences. Though self-taught in construction, Fogler would often improve upon the designs of professional engineers by immersing himself in the details with a preternatural work ethic, reemerging with a superior approach that more often than not was embraced by the design professionals. Jon Fogler’s exemplary approach to plan reviews and sequencing continues to serve as a model and goal."

-Chris McNally –

This is an unsolicited testimonial I found and pulled from Falcon Quality Project Management’s website.



"Construction in New York City is often difficult and frustrating. From nuanced codes to limited access to constructibility and managing costs, the challenges of building or renovating can be overwhelming. Simply put, Jon Fogler's knowledge of these issues and technical ability exceeds any other individual I have met in my 15 years of practicing architecture in the city. Over the course of our working relationship, Jon has consistently worked responsibly; demonstrating professional integrity and communicating in a straightforward and clear manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Jon and I am pleased to be a professional and personal reference." 


-Bryan Young –

This is a testimonial I solicited from Bryan Young, who is the local Architect that recommended me to Emily Bauer. If you go on his website, I managed and built the following projects:

Gerken Residence, Tribeca

Hudson st. Residence

New York CoCoa Exchange in NY

Helped Manage – Match Maker Times square Valentines Heart

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