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What is and Owner’s Representative

and What do They do?


An Owner's Representative is someone who represents the Owner’s interest throughout the planning, design, construction, and closeout phases of a project.


At What Stage of my Project Should I Hire an Owner's Rep?


The sooner the better ~ preferably at the start of the planning phase. Dissection and refinement of the plans can often help your project run smoother, assess its true fiscal feasibility, and ensure that infrastructure requirements are integrated correctly. This may be the "ideal" timing, however, don't let that stop you from bringing us in no matter where you are in your project timeline.


Why can't an Owner Manage Their own Project?


Chances are they can, but they should consider whether they have the time, the desire, or the experience necessary to manage it effectively. An Owner's Rep becomes a constant roving quality assurance entity, allowing the Owner the freedom to concentrate on everyday business and personal matters.


Should the Architect Manage the Whole Project?


Good Owner Representatives have cross disciplinary skill sets. Let your Architect design the project and coordinate/integrate all required MEP systems and building codes, zoning issues and the like, as well as fulfill their duties and responsibilities as outlined in The AIA 201 General Conditions. Let your Representative manage the entire project to ensure that Budget, Schedule, and Quality control stay on track while preventing costly changes, poor coordination, and inadequate contractor effort and participation, from derailing your project.



Why Hire an Owner’s Rep.?


The appointment of an experienced Owner's Representative should not increase overall project costs. Our experience and insights, as well as 30 years of effective value engineering and efficiencies will result in FC&C being self-financing, or and overall cost savings to your project.

At a minimum costs will be redistributed with reduced professional, construction, and FF+E costs, resulting from a more transparent, focused and efficient process.

An Owner’s Rep. needs to be conversant with the language and vocabulary of design, and also be at home in the world of construction. The Owner's Representative should be able to 'translate' the objectives of the design consultancy team to the construction managers, and vice versa, whilst mediating any conflicts that might occur between the two 'sides'.

The Owner's Representative can maintain an independent overview of the design development process to ensure that the project does not depart from the model that has been chosen by the Owner. If desired, he (or she) can provide creative and strategic input throughout the project process - while maintaining an appropriate degree of detachment – and help to integrate the works of all the various consultants; which often does not happen, un-aided, by itself.



Primary Benefits of Appointing an 'Owner's Representative'.

The early appointment of an Owner's Representative can have a number of significant benefits:

• The value engineering process and the allocation of the project budget will be coordinated by an unbiased and experienced professional.

• Any necessary additional specialist consultants that should be brought onto the project team (ie: Kitchen Planner, Lighting Design,  AV/IT Design, Security Consultant, Low Voltage controls, Landscape Designer, Interior Design, Shade and Draperies Vendor, just to name a few), will be identified and appointed in a timely manner, thereby minimizing costly 'afterthoughts'.

• The burden of the project development and delivery process can be removed from the client's shoulders - thereby enabling the client to pursue other opportunities.

Why Hire Fogler Construction and Consulting?

As an Owner’s Rep and Construction Consultant, FC&C can manage all aspects of construction from the earliest conception of your project, through all phases of design, administration, and occupancy, we will work to make sure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

While you are fully committed to the final outcome of your project, you are at a disadvantage without construction management. An experienced, thoughtful and focused owner’s rep can be invaluable. While it may appear simple, most construction projects often require the coordination of a multitude of contractors, materials, and important decisions. This creates the necessity for a skilled owner’s representative who will work diligently to protect your interests.

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